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Traditional Funeral Service


A traditional funeral service usually includes a day of visitation with your love one who has passed. The visitation can either be held in the funeral home chapel, a church or facility chosen by the family. The funeral service is usually held the next day. Burial is usually held afterwards at a grave site.


Immediate Burial

  Immediate Burial is a burial without a ceremony. This occurs when burial is within 24-hours after death. There is no visitation or funeral service with immediate burial.

Graveside Service

Graveside service usually includes a day of visitation with the deceased. Following the visitation or the next day the deceased is taken to the burial site for burial.

Cremation Options:

Direct Cremation

There is no ceremony held with direct cremation.

Direct Cremation with Memorial Service
Direct Cremation with a memorial Service. Although the deceased is not present at the memorial service, families often personalize the service with pictures and special items that their loved one held close to their heart.

Cremation with Traditional Funeral Service

Cremation can be held after a visitation and funeral service.